Quality of Life Improvements: Final Fantasy XIV Queuing Screen for Duties

Hello all. I've recently started thinking about some quality of life issues I'd like to see addressed in further patch Final Fantasy XIV Gil updates.

For the longest time I've had trouble figuring out which queue belongs to which instance if I queue for multiple instances. For example, I would queue for multiple Turns for Binding coil and as I look at the changing wait times and available party members, I'd have trouble figuring out which queue time is for each corresponding Turn. Without a label to let me know which instance the average wait time is notifying me of, I can't tell how soon a particular Turn is filling up. I'd like to see some sort of corresponding label for which instance the average wait times and queued party members are designated for.


P.S. This is my first post to the forums. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate message board that threads like these should be ffxiv gil guide placed under, or if these concerns have already been addressed.

FFXIV A Realm Reborn" along with the expansion needs to complete the 2.0

A new player that purchases "A Realm Reborn News" along with the expansion needs to complete the 2.0 storyline prior to even entering the expansion zones. This means at a minimum (by my count) completing twelve 2.0 dungeon runs and ten 2.0 trials.


When the expansion comes out - can you imagine the queue times for some of these old 2.0 dungeons and trials? If I'm a new player and I have to wait through 15 to 20 hours of queues just to get caught up ontop of likely 100+ hours worth of outdated storyline quests / dungeon runs I think I'd probably give up.

The Zodiac questline give incentive for players to play old outdated content. That incentive needs to exist even after 3.0 is released. There needs to be some perk to having a Zeta that is long lasting or simply the Zodiac questline needs to continue (maybe side by side with a separate relic questline).

Final Fantasy XIV Elemental Mastery Abilities

Conjurer - Traits

Elemental Mastery - lvl52 -
Stone 1/Stone 2 and Quake - When they deal damage you have a 30% FFXIV Gil Coupons chance to instant cast "stoneskin"
Aero 1/Aero 2 and Tornado - Will Grant you additional Spell Speed when active by 5
Water 1/Water 2 and flood - Reduce's MP cost of your next Medica, or Medica 2 by 33%

Healers Verdict lvl55 - Upon Death. you heal everyone in party for 35% granting them 15% damage reduction from all sources for 30 seconds + Regan you can only do this once every 10 min

Aura of Enlightenment - lvl 60 Every 60s "Regan" will be placed automatically on random team member. in additional: Auto-Esuna will also be placed on random member on player with selected for regan

Conjurer -

Water 1 - Instant cast deals 35 potency over 30 seconds (30 second cool-down) Additional Effect: Grants a stack of aqua-flow. only have max 3 aqua flows - (like black mage see 3 watery orbs spin around you) this will reduce mp cost of your heal's by 10% this spell is earned at early levels around the level this buff last's for 1 min so careful

3 Aqua Bubbles - Grants 30% MP cost reduction - when you use a team heal (1 bubble is consumed) however single target heal spells are not consumed by this such as cure,cure 2 or cure 3

Water 2 - AoE Version of Water Puts still instant cast still deals 35 potency over 30 seconds and follows same guidelines earned around levels 32 FFXIV Power leveling

Quake - Instant-cast - Stomp! (Deals 170 potency damage to all targets within 30 yrds) inflicts nasty heavy status (if not best in the game) however its mp cost is high. and has a Cool-Down

Flood - Cone-like Aoe (like overpower) deal 150 damage catches and carries monsters or pushes them away from the healer this pretty cool-disable or monster control - cost it can carry monsters up too 3 seconds before releasing them again cool-down unable to spam it

Tornado - Place's Aero III *1 again this has a cool-down not something you want can spam causes no enimity so makes even easier to snatch up
lvl 52

Aura - Increase's Max Health of everyone party 25% and deal 5% additional damage per attack 10 mins, over all aura is really nice it is very powerful.

Nul-Death - This Buff has longest cool-down in the game . basically this shields a player from a killing blow, instead of it killing them it consume the buff and heal them for 50% of there heal (30min cool-down) *2

Haste - Instant-cast - Team-Buff - Increase's Movement Speed, Skill Speed and Spell Speed by 33% for the whole party for 15 seconds (also gain immunity to haste after using this ability) this also has a massive cool-down 5 mins but the immunitys last 10 mins

Double-Cast - Allow's whm to be able to cast two spells at same time. global-cool-down wont trigger unless both spells are casted. only has same cd as swift cast. this ability is very hard to master cause you could be casting stone on a enemy while your also healing someone . or you can swiftcast+ raise while channeling a medica

*1:deals 55 Potency over 3 seconds) as well sucking up all monsters closer too casting location ((making it easier for tank snatch up

*2:howeve rthey still loses all there buffs as if they died if you have it on scholar or summoner they also lose there pets as if they died

I know people can use parsers and check their FFXIV dps if they are a dps job


I know people can use parsers and check their dps if they are a dps job, and can therefore see how well they are doing vs. others (and it is kind of sad that not everyone can do this and that is is against the ToS). But how do we measure how well tanks and healers are doing? I know on my PLD I would deem I'm doing well if I hold aggro and put up a bit of dps.

My question is, on my WHM which I've made my new main (from NIN), how do I gauge my performance? I can't really go by healing done, since that may only reflect I had some underperforming dps that couldn't dodge and stood in AoE, thus I had to heal more. I can't use my dps done as a WHM since that may just mean either I was secondary heal and/or had a great group so could dps more. Is the only thing healers have to gauge performance is keeping people alive? I would love a real world way to tell how well I'm doing, much as I can by finding out my dps numbers vs. others -- and therefore work on doing better. Any suggestions or ideas on how to gauge healer job performance?

I guess in general, aside from parses, I'm wondering how people gauge the performance of healers and tanks and even dps. ^_^v Or what methods people use to define if a healer, tank, dps is 'good'.

Is the tank alive in coils? Are you following mechanics and doing them successfully? You're doing your job right as a white mage.

Are you doing dps to the best of your ability while healing effectively as a scholar? You're doing your job right.

Unfortunately, you can't really tell if you're doing your job right or wrong in anything but end-game content as a healer. Content for the general populace is neutered so hard by current ilvls and by design decisions that it is a waste of your time trying to tell how effective you are in anything but the Coils. I know in the static I am in, the scholar is meant to dps when they are comfortable with the fight, doing the bulk of single target healing. The white mage is meant for emergency healing on single target, and group healing when the scholar's aoe healing is not enough. It's working so far for turn 13 at least.

Quite frankly, you can press regen and afk through most, if not all fights that are not in the Coils. It's good to be a white mage if you have other stuff to do.

I was playing FFXIV today, game froze

Something I got a little chuckle out of today.

Updated the driver on my video card last night. Turned out to be a little unstable. I was playing FFXIV today, game froze. Alt+tab out so I could kill it in task manager. When I went to do that I received a windows message that the video driver crashed.

I end task on the game, go to log back in and I get one of those messages that there has been suspicious activity and my account was locked.

Just found it odd that a video driver problem would cause this message. Followed instructions to reset my password, logged back in, finished the dungeon I was in. Rolled back my video driver and all is good.