I know people can use parsers and check their FFXIV dps if they are a dps job


I know people can use parsers and check their dps if they are a dps job, and can therefore see how well they are doing vs. others (and it is kind of sad that not everyone can do this and that is is against the ToS). But how do we measure how well tanks and healers are doing? I know on my PLD I would deem I'm doing well if I hold aggro and put up a bit of dps.

My question is, on my WHM which I've made my new main (from NIN), how do I gauge my performance? I can't really go by healing done, since that may only reflect I had some underperforming dps that couldn't dodge and stood in AoE, thus I had to heal more. I can't use my dps done as a WHM since that may just mean either I was secondary heal and/or had a great group so could dps more. Is the only thing healers have to gauge performance is keeping people alive? I would love a real world way to tell how well I'm doing, much as I can by finding out my dps numbers vs. others -- and therefore work on doing better. Any suggestions or ideas on how to gauge healer job performance?

I guess in general, aside from parses, I'm wondering how people gauge the performance of healers and tanks and even dps. ^_^v Or what methods people use to define if a healer, tank, dps is 'good'.

Is the tank alive in coils? Are you following mechanics and doing them successfully? You're doing your job right as a white mage.

Are you doing dps to the best of your ability while healing effectively as a scholar? You're doing your job right.

Unfortunately, you can't really tell if you're doing your job right or wrong in anything but end-game content as a healer. Content for the general populace is neutered so hard by current ilvls and by design decisions that it is a waste of your time trying to tell how effective you are in anything but the Coils. I know in the static I am in, the scholar is meant to dps when they are comfortable with the fight, doing the bulk of single target healing. The white mage is meant for emergency healing on single target, and group healing when the scholar's aoe healing is not enough. It's working so far for turn 13 at least.

Quite frankly, you can press regen and afk through most, if not all fights that are not in the Coils. It's good to be a white mage if you have other stuff to do.