Quality of Life Improvements: Final Fantasy XIV Queuing Screen for Duties

Hello all. I've recently started thinking about some quality of life issues I'd like to see addressed in further patch Final Fantasy XIV Gil updates.

For the longest time I've had trouble figuring out which queue belongs to which instance if I queue for multiple instances. For example, I would queue for multiple Turns for Binding coil and as I look at the changing wait times and available party members, I'd have trouble figuring out which queue time is for each corresponding Turn. Without a label to let me know which instance the average wait time is notifying me of, I can't tell how soon a particular Turn is filling up. I'd like to see some sort of corresponding label for which instance the average wait times and queued party members are designated for.


P.S. This is my first post to the forums. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate message board that threads like these should be ffxiv gil guide placed under, or if these concerns have already been addressed.