Lfrit:final fantasy summons

The Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo offered a brief but exciting glimpse into what the 2016 (hopefully) game will deliver. I expected the visuals or combat style to be the coolest part of the demo, but was absolutely blown away when I summoned Ramuh. What I witnessed was one of the greatest, most exciting moments in my long-running Final Fantasy XIV Gil career. Considering the fact that Ramuh is typically a early level, low-damaging summon, the other summons in FFXV are likely to be insane.

Ramuh got the Final Fantasy aficionados at Power Up Gaming thinking about the summons that we rely on the most, and the ones that we think are, hands down, just the best. So, whether we call them Eidolons, Aeons, Espers, or Guardian Forces, here are the summons that we think kick the most ass.


There comes a point in every small, gamer boy's life that he falls in love with his very first summon. Or maybe that's just the special ones, like me. But for most guys going through a time where they're just starting to like girls, Shiva would clearly be the better pick- what with the icy boobs and all(I mean, she can literally cut diamonds with those nips!). But for me, it's Ifrit all the way.

Having been in most of the Final Fantasy games, one might say Ifrit is the "loyal dog" of the series. He's never too devastating, but always impresses with a usually brutal display of power and confidence. Take the above video for example. The dude floats into the air atop a boulder with arms crossed and then slams said boulder into the ground like a volleyball. Needless to say, Ifrit has one hell of a spike, and for that, we're glad to say he's on our ffxiv gil side.