FFXIV Gil gamesh not Available like website says

I am super disappointed as a new player coming to play FF. I have been waiting over a week to play on FF14 Gil gamesh with my friends and its getting more discouraging as the server on the website says character creation is open and when I go into the game it isn't. When are they going to fix this, I am really frustrated.

Very sorry you are having trouble. Gilgamesh is a very busy server an it is difficult to create a new character here. You can pay $18 to transfer an existing character here to work around the restriction. Otherwise you'll just have to wait.

The site updates at certain times but the actual server status is ongoing. Most likely the server was open to new character creation at 4 am when the site updated and closed by the time you went to create your char.

The loadstone only updates every 4-5 hours. When creating a char on a medium pop server that is only sometimes closed you can rely on the loadstone. When creating a char on a high pop server the loadstone may only reflect a few minutes the server was open.

Now that you know the server had an open window at 4 am you can check back around that time to try and get on.