Main FFXIV Scenario Quest:

I should be Buy FFXIV Gil on an Allied Perspective. I've spoken to Marcelein, but the Dravanias in Whitebrim never spawned. I no longer have the Main Scenario Quest in my Journal. The last completed main scenario quest is Wyrm's Roar. I've tried backtracking since the end of Wyrm's Roar to make sure I have hit all of the quest nodes. (Minfilia has been spoken to, Alfi is no where to be found, etc). I am right before opening the Steps of Faith.

What probably happened: the Dravanians did spawn, but my computer died/force restarted. I then didn't play FFXIV for a week or more and forgot about the main scenario quest because it wasn't in my duty list.

Pls Help. I would like access to Heavensward content.

If Wyrm's Roar is in your 'completed' tab and you don't have an active MSQ in your 'current' tab, then head to Coerthas (x6, y6) and look for Alphinaud.

I can't see how Wyrm's Roar is your last completed MSQ and you skipped the two between before An Allied Perspective.

If you can't move past this Final Fantasy XIV Gil; then I suppose you're bugged.