Relic FFXIV weapons with additional effects?

How do you feel about the idea of relic weapons getting additional effect FFXIV Gil? Such as giving the white mage relic weapon a 20% chance when using holy to also do aoe healing for the dmg done, or bard a 20% chance to fire off a 2nd shot of the same skill side by side. So two heavy shots at ones. This is just "basic" ideas, but it would make the relic weapons feel more unique.

As it stands relic weapons are not very special... In fact i gave up my relic at Novus. In fact the dreadwyrm & ironwork are pretty much as good as zetas. What is just depressing. After all we are talking about a weapon that we put our heart and souls into and its just meh... I could just use a ironwork 130 bow what "pretty" much is as strong as a zeta bow (Yes the Zeta is still stronger but not by much). I really think they should add some type of effect onto these weapons feel more GODLY! Not only that it would make the relic weapone unique!

Here is a comparison back Final Fantasy XIV Gil in EQ2 when I got my Mythical Dream Scorcher I felt godly! That I truly got a weapon that had MEANING. The effects on the weapon were amazing at the time!

When Equipped: When target casts a beneficial spell this spell has a 12% chance to cast Tribal Spirit on group. Lasts for 12.0 seconds. Improves the value of healing and ward spells by 8%.
Reduces all magical damage done to group by 5%. This spell will absorb a total of 1 attack.
This spell can not be modified except by direct means.
Applies Nightmares when Activated. Lasts for 24.0 seconds. Inflicts 714 - 869 disease damage on target encounter
Inflicts 698 - 853 disease damage on target encounter every 4 seconds
Heals group members (AE) for 539 - 656
Heals group members (AE) for 523 - 640 every 4 seconds
When Equipped: Adds additional healing to Ancient Shroud and Carrion Warding

I dont think FFxiv relic weapons should have effects THAT powerful. But it would be nice to see something be sides the flavor text. But anyways that just my opinion and would be nice to see relic weapons becoming more special, unique and meaningful.
PS: Sorry about my horrible spelling & rant!! *steps off my soapbox* & damm you 1000 character limit!!