Final Fantasy XIV Elemental Mastery Abilities

Conjurer - Traits

Elemental Mastery - lvl52 -
Stone 1/Stone 2 and Quake - When they deal damage you have a 30% FFXIV Gil Coupons chance to instant cast "stoneskin"
Aero 1/Aero 2 and Tornado - Will Grant you additional Spell Speed when active by 5
Water 1/Water 2 and flood - Reduce's MP cost of your next Medica, or Medica 2 by 33%

Healers Verdict lvl55 - Upon Death. you heal everyone in party for 35% granting them 15% damage reduction from all sources for 30 seconds + Regan you can only do this once every 10 min

Aura of Enlightenment - lvl 60 Every 60s "Regan" will be placed automatically on random team member. in additional: Auto-Esuna will also be placed on random member on player with selected for regan

Conjurer -

Water 1 - Instant cast deals 35 potency over 30 seconds (30 second cool-down) Additional Effect: Grants a stack of aqua-flow. only have max 3 aqua flows - (like black mage see 3 watery orbs spin around you) this will reduce mp cost of your heal's by 10% this spell is earned at early levels around the level this buff last's for 1 min so careful

3 Aqua Bubbles - Grants 30% MP cost reduction - when you use a team heal (1 bubble is consumed) however single target heal spells are not consumed by this such as cure,cure 2 or cure 3

Water 2 - AoE Version of Water Puts still instant cast still deals 35 potency over 30 seconds and follows same guidelines earned around levels 32 FFXIV Power leveling

Quake - Instant-cast - Stomp! (Deals 170 potency damage to all targets within 30 yrds) inflicts nasty heavy status (if not best in the game) however its mp cost is high. and has a Cool-Down

Flood - Cone-like Aoe (like overpower) deal 150 damage catches and carries monsters or pushes them away from the healer this pretty cool-disable or monster control - cost it can carry monsters up too 3 seconds before releasing them again cool-down unable to spam it

Tornado - Place's Aero III *1 again this has a cool-down not something you want can spam causes no enimity so makes even easier to snatch up
lvl 52

Aura - Increase's Max Health of everyone party 25% and deal 5% additional damage per attack 10 mins, over all aura is really nice it is very powerful.

Nul-Death - This Buff has longest cool-down in the game . basically this shields a player from a killing blow, instead of it killing them it consume the buff and heal them for 50% of there heal (30min cool-down) *2

Haste - Instant-cast - Team-Buff - Increase's Movement Speed, Skill Speed and Spell Speed by 33% for the whole party for 15 seconds (also gain immunity to haste after using this ability) this also has a massive cool-down 5 mins but the immunitys last 10 mins

Double-Cast - Allow's whm to be able to cast two spells at same time. global-cool-down wont trigger unless both spells are casted. only has same cd as swift cast. this ability is very hard to master cause you could be casting stone on a enemy while your also healing someone . or you can swiftcast+ raise while channeling a medica

*1:deals 55 Potency over 3 seconds) as well sucking up all monsters closer too casting location ((making it easier for tank snatch up

*2:howeve rthey still loses all there buffs as if they died if you have it on scholar or summoner they also lose there pets as if they died