FFXIV Question about Xaela Auri Eyes

While playing around in the benchmark character creator, I found myself unable to create a female Au Ra that looked fierce/scary/demonic. I could, however do this quite easily with a male Xaela Au Ra. The difference, I realized, was the eyes.

The male Xaela Au Ra have a darker eyeball, dark grey or possibly black. It's not the eyeliner that most of the faces have, it's the actual eyeball. This allows for some pretty wicked looking Auri dudes.

The female Xaela Au Ra eyes are the traditional white. What is the reason for this? I had assumed eyes would be a shared genetic trait among the Xaela best place to buy ffxiv gil clan, something that further differentiates them from the Raen.

This tiny eye detail seems like ridiculous pandering to a fan-base that already has two cutesy/waifish races all to themselves. Please, SE fix this tiny little thing so that we can have both consistency regarding races/clans and variety in character models.

Thank you for reading!